Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

If you are looking for something different for your hair and way you can add some drama to it then look no further than two tone hair color. Some people assume that when you mention two toned hair, you have extreme differences that would look kind of silly on an older woman, but women and teens of all ages can pull off two tone hair colors. It all depends on what colors you choose and how dramatic you decide to make it.

Subtle Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

There are several ways that you can incorporate two different hair colors subtly so that it doesn’t look so drastic but gives you more of a natural look.

The first way is to get some highlights by your face. For example, if you have dark brown hair, you could get darker blonde highlights or even incorporate burgundy hair color for your highlights. These highlights don’t have to be all over the head, but can just be around the face in a couple spots to highlight your face.

For something even less drastic than highlights around your face, you can do sort of peek-a-boo two tone color. Add maybe 3-4 highlights underneath your hair around your face so that you only slightly see the color. This can be a great way to try out different two toned hair colors before you decide on something more drastic or to just have that little pizzazz with your hair style.

Extreme Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

If you are the type of person who likes drastic hair styles and wants something more extreme than simple highlights, you also have some hair style ideas to choose from as well.

The first two tone hair idea is to simple make some chunky highlights all around the crown of your hair. The colors should be at least 4-5 shades different in color and for even more extreme results go with an unnatural hair color like purple or blue.

Another way to get two toned hair is to dye the bottom of your hair a different color. This all depends on your own style on how extreme you want to take this hair style. You could just dye the very tips of your hair or some of your hair or you could dye up to several inches from the bottom up. Choose a color that goes will with your natural hair color.

If you already have dyed hair that is quite different than what your natural hair color are you can always get two toned hair by simply letting the dye grow out. Some people see this as showing your roots, but for some reason it has caught on, especially with celebrities as being an acceptable hair style.

Two Toned Hair Color Pictures

If you are still unsure what you should do to get the two toned look for your hair, pictures are the best way to get inspiration.

Here are some two toned hair color pictures that will hopefully inspire your hair style.


two tone hair colors two tone hair two tone hair color
two tone hair color ideas two toned hair two toned hair color pictures


As you can see from the two tone hair pictures, there are lots of different ways that you can achieve this look. It all depends on your style and how extreme you want to go with your hair color.

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