How to Apply Lotion to Your Back – The Best Lotion Applicator for Back

If you have been struggling with how to apply lotion to your back, then you don’t need to look any further.  I have come across the best lotion applicator for the back and you will never need to worry about how to get lotion on your back again.

If you have been like me in the past I used to reach and reach and contort my body so that I could apply lotion to my back. But then I wised up and started looking at back lotion applicators and I will never go back to using just my hands anymore.

The Body Buddy Lotion Applicator for Back and Whole Body


lotion applicator for back

This is not your average pad applicator on a stick passing off as a back lotion applicator. This is a product that actually works and it does more than just help moisturize your back.

It is made from a soft vinyl that actually sorts of massages your skin and feels quite nice when applying the lotion. The Body Buddy is machine washable or you can simply take a damp cloth and wipe it down, cleaning it in only a few seconds.

This product works great for a variety of things such as applying moisturizing lotion, sunless tanning products, sunscreen and even medicated ointments to your back.  It is definitely worth the money as it actually works and will last you a long time. You no longer have to worry about how to apply lotion to your back and you don’t have to mess around with replacing applicator pads or buying a new applicator every month. Instead, spend the extra money and get a quality product the first time.

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You can even warm your Body Buddy up using a hair dryer so you don’t have to worry about the shock of cold lotion on your back.

The only downside to this applicator is that the straps aren’t the most stable and tend to pull a little bit when using. What I do to remedy this, is I simply just avoid using the straps and hold onto the vinyl part of the ends and it works great that way.

If you are a person who uses sunless tanning products or even has dry skin, I really urge you to try the Back Buddy now. You will never go back to trying to contort your body to reach your back or using cheap handle applicators to apply lotion to your back.

The Body Buddy can also be used on other parts of your body as well to apply lotion and even give yourself a soothing massage as well.

It does come in a few different colors to choose from such as brown, aqua, and cream.

How To Apply Lotion To Your Back Using the Back Buddy

This lotion applicator is really simple to use. You just apply the product to the Back Buddy as it is made from non-absorbent material so you don’t have to worry about the lotion absorbing right in. Then take it with your two hands with one on top and the other below and slide it across your back in any spot you need the lotion.

Then simple take your applicator and use a damp cloth to wipe the lotion off or you can simple toss it in the washing machine.

Its super simple to use and it actually works, what else could you ask for?

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