Hot Trend – Burgundy Hair Color

It can be a lot of fun getting a new new hair color or style. I recently went to get my hair done at my salon and got to talking to my stylist and she mentioned that burgundy hair was a huge trend right now. I wasn’t planning on getting my hair dyed at this time so I told her I would think about it some and maybe next trip I would take the dive and take on the trend of burgundy hair color.

I decided to look into this trend a little more and check out some different burgundy hair color pictures. What I found ranged from a soft reddish hint to a more extreme dark burgundy hair color. Since I am a pretty classic style lady the extreme red or punk hair styles did not do anything for me, but I did find some beautiful pictures of a burgundy brown color that I absolutely fell in love with.

Is Burgundy Hair Color a Passing Fad?

I’m not one to usually fall into following fad hairstyles. I wasn’t one of the thousands of girls running out and getting the Rachel (from Friends) hair cut back in the late 90’s. I just haven’t ever been that way as I like I have mentioned when it comes to my style I am more classic with a little trendy thrown in.

But, for me dying my hair a burgundy brown color isn’t following a fad at all. This hair color has been around for many, many years and it just seems to be something that a lot of women are requesting for something different now. It could be the celebrities that are going with a burgundy hair color or the fact that women are getting away from dying their hair platinum blonde. Whatever it is, I don’t think that burgundy hair is just a fad but is a gorgeous way to simply get a new hair color.

Burgundy Hair Color Pictures

Here are just some pictures of burgundy hair that I found that I think are beautiful. I’m not into the extreme unnatural hair colors so burgundy is perfect for a change in my hair style.

dark burgundy hair color burgundy hair color pictures  

dark burgundy hair

Source: Getty Images

burgundy hair

Source: Getty Images

Burgundy Hair Dye

burgundy hair dye

Check Out Burgundy Hair Dye on Sale Now

You don’t have to go to your salon to get burgundy hair. There are several brands of DIY hair dye that make this shade. In fact, this shade has actually been around for many years.
I naturally have darker brown hair and would opt for a burgundy brown hair color over something really extreme.  I’m not looking for a purple/burgundy color as I will leave that to the younger crowd! 

If you have blonde hair or hair that is already processed you may want to skip dying your hair at home and go see a professional stylist for your color. You may even have to ease into the color if you have blonde hair and may not be able to go straight to a burgundy color.You also should consider your skin tone when dying your hair as well. A dark burgundy hair color can look extreme on a person who has fair skin. You may to consider this first before you go dying your hair.

You can even simply test out this hair color by doing a two tone hair color  and only incorporating the burgundy into a small section of your hair.

I’m actually really excited to for my next hair appointment in another 2-3 months to dye my hair burgundy. As I mentioned I have dark brown hair so it won’t be that extreme of a difference but it will definitely be noticeable and I think it will look gorgeous.

What is your opinion of a burgundy for a hair color? Would you ever consider a burgundy hair color?

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