Different Types of Perms…Pictures Included

I remember being in 4th grade and perms were all the rage. In the past 20 years though, perms have come a long way and there are several different types of perms that look a lot more natural than the 80’s or 90’s scrunched, crimpy perms.

You definitely want to consult with a professional hairstylist first, but here are some of the different types of hair perms that you can choose from.

Pictures of Different Types of Perms

The type of perm you get all depends on the size of the rods used as well as length of time the solution stays in your hair. For example, if you want bigger, looser curls ask your hairstylist for the biggest rods and don’t leave the solution in your hair for very long.  For tighter curls you would want smaller rods and may have to leave the perm solution in for more time.

Here are some of the different types of perms that you can choose from.

Body Wave Perm

different types of perms

types of perms

A body wave perm is a looser perm that results in bigger curls. For women with super straight hair, a body wave perm may not even give defined curls but may result instead in more volume and texture instead of the tight curls you would think of from a perm.

Your stylist should use big rods, usually the largest ones they have when giving a body wave perm. If you see your stylish using smaller ones you may want to speak up because you may get tighter curls than you wanted.

A body wave perm can last anywhere from 3-5 months depending on your hair. The price varies for this type of perm as it can be $50 or $250 depending on the salon you go to. Usually salons will charge extra if you have longer hair as well.

Spiral Perm

types of perms pictures

pictures of different types of perms

The spiral perm is the type of perm you probably think of most when you think of getting a perm. With a spiral perm you get tighter ringlet curls from the top of your hair down to the ends. The rollers used on a spiral perm are slightly different than a normal perm. The rollers are long and slender so that ringlet curls can form easily in the hair. The hair is rolled up in a corkscrew fashion which helps form these types of tight curls all of the way through the hair.

This type of perm is popular with people who have long hair as it can dramatically shorten the length of your hair. For example if you have shoulder length hair with a spiral perm, it can easily end up above your chin.

Spiral perms tend to last a little longer than a normal perm, anywhere from 4-6 months. Towards the end you may notice that your hair no longer forms tight ringlets but starts to get looser or droopier curls.

Spiral perms also usually cost more than a normal perm. A spiral perm will usually run you at least $75 and most are over $100 or more especially if you have long hair.

Stack Perm

stack perm


With a stack perm several different sizes of rollers are used in order to get create the appearance of more volume and more of a natural curl to the hair. It is usually done on hair that it all one length to help create the appearance of layers in the hair as well.

The curls are only added towards the ends of the hair and the top of the hair is left straight so that it looks like the hair goes into natural curls. This perm can work on both long and short hair.

A stack perm will vary in cost but usually cost anywhere from $50 – $150 and can last anywhere form 3-5 months.

Straightening Perm

It may sound odd but there is actually a perm that is used to straighten your hair. The same solution that is used to set the curls in your hair is used to help straighten your hair.

Straight perms aren’t meant to get your hair completely straight but can be good for straightening out a perm that is starting to grow out or for women who have curly hair and just want the curls to be looser or just wavy.

You may find that salons charge more for a straightening salon because it can be more labor intensive. Don’t be surprised if you have to pay at least $100 or even $200 for a straightening perm.

These types of perm pictures only give you a short glance at what exactly the perm will look like. It also depends on your hair such as how long it is as well as if it holds curl well and the texture of it.

Perms for Long Hair

If you have long hair, just about any type of perm will work for your hair. A body wave perm can be nice to just give you some extra volume and some big curls at the ends or a spiral or tight perm can give you all over curl.

Just be aware that most salons will charge more for perms for long hair since it does take quite a bit longer to do the work than if someone had short hair.

Here are some pictures of perms for long hair that you may want to use for inspiration.

perms for long hair

long hair perm

perm for long hair

As you can see there are different types of perms that will give you different types of looks for your hair. Before you head to your local hair salon be sure you decide on what type of perm you want so that you get the hairstyle you want.

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