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difference between foundation and bb cream

Should You Wear Foundation or BB Cream?

There are a few differences between foundation and BB cream so should you wear foundation or BB cream when it comes to your everyday makeup? The answer really depends on your skin type as well as what look you are going for with your makeup. We all know how confusing it … [Read More...]

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timi and leslie rachel diaper bag

Diaper Bags That Look Like Purses

From the time that I had my first child over 9 years ago, I was never into the cutesy diaper bags. I wanted to avoid the blue striped Winnie the Pooh bags so I opted for a plain black diaper … [Read More...]

shorts for big thighs

The Best Shorts for Women with Big Thighs

Summer time is just around the corner again and that means for most women a whole new wardrobe for the hot weather. If you have big thighs it can be a stressful time trying to find shorts that look best on your body type. For some shorts, they may … [Read More...]

sachi fashion lunch bag

Stylish Lunch Bags for Women

Just because you pack your lunch for work or school doesn't mean that you have to look like you are back in elementary school with your lunch bag. There are lots of great stylish lunch bags for women that you can choose from nowadays. No more do … [Read More...]

prevent eyeshadow creases

How to Prevent Eye Shadow from Creasing

I used to hate having the perfect eye makeup only to look in the mirror two hours later and see crease marks all along my eyelid. So, I decided to try a few different ways to prevent eyeshadow from creasing and thought I would share what worked … [Read More...]